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Those words are the last words a father’s to his dead daughters who killed by Bashar al-Assad and his supporter army with chemical weapon attack.

Almost 2000 innocent people died at this attack. Most of all, 0-10 years old children. Most of them, killed while they are sleeping. They couldn’t wake up for a new day.

There’s no words to explain this massacres. You don’t have to be a Syrian or Muslim to support this people. This can be happen to you, one day. We don’t know what’s gonna happen to us. Please, share this with everyone. Please.

[NOTE: My english is pretty bad but I hope you’d get it.]

This ríps my heart open every time I see it

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Dave Franco taking his profile picture for Tinder (x)

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It’s almost as if it’s not his kid but it’s his suitcase so he keeps going.

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I always fuck up, I have some serious bad luck.

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Thank you so fucking much.

im in teaaars

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dude hittin the nae nae on the news

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Some people might feel sorry for themselves in this situation

Puppy don’t care

Puppy’s got stuff to do

Puppy’s got places to be

Puppy’s got people to bark at and things to sniff.

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